What is High Frequency Art?

Have you ever read about how looking at puppies or babies (baby schema effect) triggers a release of dopamine and oxytocin; the feel good chemicals that we often experience when we are in love? We are not even conscious of what's happening, but their cuteness overwhelms us and ultimately makes us feel good. Well, insert here a high frequency art- hold my beer- kind of moment. High Frequency Art can influence, enhance and heal all your energy bodies. Most people won't consciously notice, but the effect remains. High Frequency Art can change your life.

Art lovers know exactly how a work of art can change their lives, they buy art they connect with emotionally, for decorative purposes, investing and prestige. When art critics crown an artist, art collectors pay exorbitant amounts for their artwork. Economists classify the benefits associated with buying expensive art as ‘psychic benefits’, which are intangible. It's all about the experience and sense of enjoyment that an artwork brings. The spiritual aspects of artwork and the vibrations that they emit are never taken into account in the valuation of art. Perhaps in the future we may see this change. Because High Frequency Art doesn't just bring good chi into the home or office. The investment is not only economic, as it enhances the overall wellbeing of the home dwellers. Understand that High Frequency Art emits particles of pure Bliss into the environment, this is because the painting itself allows the flow of Divine Consciousness into your home.

Not all art is created equal. A beautiful work of art doesn't mean that is high frequency art, in fact, most popular artworks emit negative vibes. We, the artists, can be highly susceptible to energy and our emotional states can be embedded in the art we create. Distressing energy in the environment can also make it into the work of art. Even people in the spiritual path can't always discern the energetic influence, because there are many pretenders in the astral plane. These negative entities and energies affect and influence artists so that they create artwork in a way that it emits spiritually negative vibrations.

To be able to create High Frequency Art one must be spiritually advanced, it helps to have an environment with positive energy, a personal protection grid and one on the home. There are steps and techniques to help you create High Frequency Art, perhaps I will share some in the future. In essence the artwork will attract the principle of the God/Goddess, so that it flows through the art. Is like a portal that will deliver divine particles to the atmosphere, enhancing the environment and sending out positive vibes.

People with an advanced 6th sense can perceive the subtle energies emitted, although some people with at least 40% spiritual advancement may perceive it too. However, everyone in contact with the paintings will receive the positive vibes and Divine consciousness particles in their bodies, you may have up to 12 but most people have 7 bodies.

Alongside the physical body, we all have the etheric body (which is blue for everyone). Then, in order, we have the emotional, mental, astral, spiritual and the divine bodies. The emotional body is composed of many colors, is affected by our emotions and in turn it can alter all the other bodies. On a subconscious level a high frequency painting can increase your overall well-being, not only by positively affecting your emotions but because of the emission of the Divine Flow and it's Particles.

It is my intention to continue the research, document the creation of these paintings with aura picture technologies and frequency readings. I may also contract with other ascended masters so that they can do spiritual readings on the frequency of the paintings.

Exciting times ahead! 

What is High Frequency Art?
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