Up to 2 hr Painting Session with Tamara Liz


$35.00 – $125.00 per person



About this experience

Welcome to choice based learning, where your teens will have autonomy over their artmaking, with guidance they will understand why their opinion of their artwork is the most valuable one of all.

We begin to trust our own creative genius when we are encouraged to self-express, explore our own ideas and receive constructive criticism. 

The social-emotional component allows teens to feel encouraged to collaborate with peers, they often begin to try new techniques without fear of failing. This freedom to take new initiatives is fostered because they know they can rely on others to help solve problems and generate new ideas. Teens form bonds and relationships with their peers that are awe inspiring. 

Research also shows that art can help children learn and practice important skills like patterning and cause and effect among others. Art classes promote creative thinking, problem solving and it helps children understand themselves and their enviroment.

Among the most important benefits of art making (no matter your age) is that it reduces cortisol, reserach shows that just 45 minutes of painting can improve your wellbeing. Not only that, but seeing and sharing your masterpiece can stimulate the release of dopamine—the feel-good hormone, which reduces feelings of sadness and increases your confidence. Creating art makes you feel better about yourself, yes, even if it's just a stick figure!

Please arrive around 5-10 minutes early to ensure a prompt start time. Joyful Arts reserves the right to cancel due to emergency situations etc. We will notify you if this occurs and refund accordingly.

Please understand if you must cancel your registration with less than 24 hours notice prior to the class, we cannot issue refunds or credits. 

We are looking forward to painting with you!

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Safe space for teens to self-express and discover what they can create!